City Gas now over 100 years old

City Gas Company was originally organized as the Antigo Gas Company on May 1, 1909 and renamed City Gas Company in 1914. Prior to 1949 City Gas Company served the Antigo community with manufactured gas produced locally and used primarily for lighting and cooking. After the company was purchased by the current owners, a switch was made to a cleaner and more efficient propane air system in 1950 to supply homes and businesses in Antigo as demand grew for use as a heating fuel. City Gas connected to ANR Pipeline's system in 1960 and now provides low cost natural gas to over 5300 residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Although small in size compared to other utilities in Wisconsin, City Gas Company offers competitive rates, reliable service and transport services for high use customers - similar to those offered by the largest of utilities

New Customers

City Gas requires that every new customer complete an application for service and pay a $20 application fee. This requirement includes new customers moving into a building with an existing gas service, customers needing a new service line to be installed, and existing customers moving from one location to another. The best and easiest method to becoming a City Gas customer is to stop at the company’s offices at 809 Fifth Avenue in Antigo. Our office staff can then explain payment options such as budget plans or “Bill the Bank” alternatives. New customers will also need to verify their identity and will be asked provide credit worthiness information.

Service Territory

City Gas as grown considerably over the years. Since its beginning in the early 1900’s serving only the City of Antigo, the company now has over 274 miles of gas main stretching into 3 counties. In Langlade County we serve the towns of Ackley, Antigo, Neva, Norwood, Peck, Polar, Price and Rolling. In Marathon County we serve the towns of Harrison and Plover. In Shawano County we serve the Villages of Mattoon and Aniwa, and the towns of Aniwa and Hutchins. All utilities in the State have service territories approved by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission and a utility can not extend into an area without approval.

Although your town may be listed as being included in the City Gas Service territory, some of the more remote areas within those towns are not feasible to serve. The best way to find out if natural gas service may currently be available, or could be made available, is to call the City Gas office at 715-627-4351 and ask for Dan.