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Frequently Asked Questions

New Gas Service

What is considered "new gas service?"

A property that requires a new natural gas line run from the gas main to a building on that property. 

If your property currently has natural gas and you would like another building on your property to have service as well, please see the Line After a Meter FAQ.

What are the steps to get new gas service on my property?

  • The responsible party must submit our application for gas service

  • Provide a state issued ID or DL as proof of identification

  • Complete a site sketch with the assistance from a City Gas Co. representative that outlines where the gas line will go and where the meter will be installed on the building

  • Pay the $20.00 application fee and other costs that may be associated with the gas line installation. These additional costs will vary based on a number of factors

  • We will install the gas line to your building and attach the meter. City Gas Co does not do any gas line installation beyond the meter. Your heating contractor will connect the interior piping to your gas appliances

What will I be charged for a new gas line installation?

Costs will vary based on the following factors. A City Gas Co. representative can explain these costs and provide a quote detailing the project costs.

  • The distance the meter will be located from the gas main. The first 60' is free

  • If the project construction is done during months where there is frost in the ground. If so, there will be a frost charge

  • The size of the service required for your building. A City Gas Co representative will calculate this when they meet with you to complete your site sketch 

  • Any gas line installed to an outbuilding or outdoor appliance after the meter will be charged at time and materials. See Line After a Meter FAQ for more information

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