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Frequently Asked Questions

Equal Pay

How do I enroll in Equal Pay?

You can enroll in Equal Pay by calling 715-627-4351 or contacting us by email. We will calculate your Equal Pay amount and apply it to your next bill.  If you were enrolled in Equal Pay the previous year, we will automatically enroll you each year in August.

Will my Equal Pay amount ever change?

Yes. It may change in March and in August. We evaluate Equal Pay accounts in February to determine if the accounts are on track. If we determine they are not, we will contact you and adjust your Equal Pay figure on your next bill. Every year in August you will be given a Equal Pay figure based off your previous years usage. 

Many factors influence the Equal Pay figure such as:

  • The cost of gas

  • Changes in your thermostat setting

  • The efficiency of your homes furnace

  • Warmer or colder than normal weather 

Can I enroll anytime in Equal Pay?

Since natural gas is more expensive through the winter and almost non-existent in the summer, the program works best if you begin in August.

Do I pay more to be on Equal Pay?

No. Equal Pay is a free program that benefits customers who want to budget the same amount for their gas bill each month.

What is "Equal Pay?"

Equal Pay simply takes the last years usage at your property and divides it by 10.  Each month from August - May you pay 1/10th of your estimated yearly gas usage.

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